Privacy Policy


We only collect information that is needed for registration purposes or when you fill up our registration form in our Website. The information we gather from you is voluntary, submitted by you to us without any coercion or incentive unless otherwise specified by us. Personal and private information will only be taken during the account registration phase on our Website.


Your personal identification details will be used: to process your orders; to customise your profile information; internally within our company within the legal boundaries; to update the status of your online shopping on our Website; and to update all our customers with the latest updates, changes, promotions or events.


Your personal information such as your credit card details, bank account number, address, etc., are kept secure and handled with strict confidentiality by our team. We will not share any of your personal details with any third party. Our Website applies strict security protocols to make sure all our customers' private information is always kept safe and secure.


SAPOUR has the right to make any changes or updates on our Privacy Policy contents without giving prior notice to our customers. You can keep track of our Privacy Policy page on our website.


Our e-commerce website applies strict security protocols to prevent any of our customers’ personal information from illegal disclosure, or leaking to hackers and other third parties. However, as a disclaimer, please acknowledge that any information transmitted or shared through the internet is NOT 100% guaranteed to be safe and secure.